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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Nice, Cheap, Produce at GreenStar

Andy, produce manager at GreenStar Co-op, is sure doing something right. He finds great, organic produce, and prices some at less than other stores charge for much inferior stuff.

Right now, organic navel oranges and grapefruit are 99 cents a pound. Cheaper than commercial at Wegman's.

The oranges are great; I've eaten two today. I haven't eaten a grapefruit yet from Monday's shopping trip. They are smallish and thin-skinned. Smallish is not a problem because, let's face it, grapefruit is great, but it's not sushi or shrimp, where you probably can't afford the humongous pile you are surely capable of eating, and it wouldn't be good for you, anyway. With grapefruit, you can. The thin skin I am taking as a good sign, that the fruit has not been bred or sprayed to develop Naugahyde for profitable shipping.

Best of all are the organic avocados, at 99 cents each. Avocados approach sushi/shrimp status, for me.

Thanks to Andy at GreenStar for helping us strive for five so nicely.

Steve Burke
Mr. Lifestyle
for Ithaca NY Blog

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