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Monday, February 08, 2010

Help For Haiti On Local Levels

Over many years, Laurie Konwinski of Ithaca has lived and done development work in Haiti.

We asked Laurie about Haitian groups she would recommend for donations from people looking to support Haiti's infrastructure, along with immediate relief efforts.

We excerpt her reply (and hope she will not mind the editing) :

(Laurie writes):

I co-directed a group called Beyond Borders. They are involved in putting together an emergency medical team. They have a special focus on children, and are planning a system to reconnect kids with their parents in the midst of the chaos.

Fonkoze is a bank that serves the poor, in places the commercial banks wouldn't dream of going. They set up savings accounts, make loans, and run business skills and literacy programs. They are also a safe, inexpensive way for Haitians abroad to send money home.

Partners in Progress supports an amazing small farmers organization in Fondwa, a rural community outside Jacmel. They fund agricultural training programs, and a school. Their buildings have been decimated.

Although I provided web sites here, I would like to make a pitch that, if you're donating, do it by check. This avoids fees to the credit card companies - the groups will get more of your donation.

This is a culture and a people of resistance. Do not pity them. Just be in solidarity with them with your thoughts, prayers, and sharing from the abundance that we have in this country.


Thank you, Laurie -

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca NY Blog

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I also have a friend (from my time in Santa Fe) who has done much direct work in Haiti, especially with refugees and working with trauma.

Her name is Amber Gray, and she is there now. She is writing about her experience and the situation in Haiti here:

And she also recommends some good, local organizations who are doing important recovery and long-term resilience work, who very much need our financial support:

Thanks for spreading the word,
Elizabeth Dissin