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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ithaca Gives 10% Off, On Dec. 10th

Dozens of businesses in Ithaca participating in the "Local First" campaign are offering 10% off all purchases on the 10th of December.

The "10 off on the 10th" promotion started at GreenStar Co-op earlier this year. If you have been at GreenStar on the 10th of a month, you know it is a big deal. GreenStar does Thanksgiving-week type business every 10th. They have to put someone in the parking lot to direct traffic.

The list of participating businesses can be found at, or at Local First Ithaca's page on Facebook.

Small World Music/Angry Mom Records, physical home of Ithaca Blog, is among them. In fact, loyal reader, come in today and mention this and we will give you the jump by giving you 10% off on the 9th.

SWM/A. Mom is in the basement of Autumn Leaves Books at 115 the Commons. We're open til 8 pm tonight; from noon til 9 tomorrow.

Steve Burke
for SWM/Ithaca NY Blog

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