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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ithaca Weekend: Outsiders Looking (and Coming) In

We have a couple of friends, ex-Ithacans, visiting this week, and we thought it might be instructive to tell some of what erstwhilers plan to do while here on a long weekend.

Friday 6/12: (1) June Drucker and Friends at Felicia's happy hour, 5:30 pm. (2) NHL Stanley Cup final, and Mets vs. Yankees, at Benchwarmers.

Saturday 6/13: (1) Lunch from GreenStar and Wegman's for trip to Buttermilk Falls. (2) Short winery tour, as far as Sheldrake, at least. (3.)Movie at new Cinemapolis?

Sun. 6/14: The Hold Steady at Castaways, 8 pm.

Mon. 6/15: Benefit Dinner for ABC Cafe, 6 pm.

Tues. 6/16: Maxie's Shuck'n'Jive, with music by Crow Greenspun, 6 pm. Traditional Irish Music at Chapter House, starting at 7 pm.

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Steve Burke
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