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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of Course, Obama Wants To Prosecute Cheney

As a partisan, patriot, decent person and, especially, as the one who has to clean up the horrific messes of the Bush administration around the world, there is probably no one who would like Dick Cheney prosecuted more than Barack Obama.

But, as a politician, he knows the last thing he should do is even hint at that.

In baseball, they call it tipping your pitch. In boxing, telegraphing your punch.

President Obama's job is to build the case, quietly. No doubt his able and energetic inner circle is at work on it.

Obama went to the CIA to publicly absolve the underlings who carried out the Bush/Cheney orders for torture.

This does not relax Cheney and his cohorts. Just the opposite. If the new administration were concerned with expediency rather than justice, it would go after a few little guys, and wrap it up.

That isn't happening.

Obama's adminstration will spring when the time is right. The time is right when the public makes it right.

Keep up the pressure. Obama will strike when he can say he has no choice.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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