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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Evil City String Band: With (Or, Before) Amy Goodman, in Geneva, 21 Nov.

Not usually does a lecturing journalist on a book tour have an opening band. But Amy Goodman will, when Ithaca's Evil City String Band performs at her talk at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY on Friday, 21 Nov.

Richie Stearns and Pat Burke of Evil City met Ms. Goodman a few years ago when they participated in an event honoring peace activist Fr. Daniel Berrigan. Richie and Pat performed some songs and were joined by Natalie Merchant. Pat recounts standing in the wings with Ms. Goodman, who asked him, "You're not going to sing, are you?" Pat laughed at the seeming rudeness, while he knew Ms. Goodman was just trying to gauge the time of their performance.

In Geneva, Ms. Goodman will speak about her new book, "Standing Up To The Madness," which chronicles efforts by ordinary Americans to stand up for economic justice and democratic rights. She will also speak about the presidential election, and other topics.

Evil City String Band performs old-timey music that is not overtly political, except in its role as the music of working and poor people in America, telling their stories, and expressing their joys and troubles.

Ms. Goodman's appearances in Ithaca have drawn past-capacity crowds, so it is wise to get tickets soon. They are available through the website for WEOS radio in Geneva, which broadcasts Ms. Goodman's award-winning program, "Democracy Now!".

Evil City's new, debut CD is available at Small World Music in Ithaca.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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