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Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Nudge (And Sale Offer) To Book Sale Go-ers, From Small World Music

The nudge is pretty straightforward. If you're going to the big Friends of the Library Sale this weekend looking for music, you should also come 4 blocks south of Esty St., to Small World Music.

We have a couple thousand excellent LP records here, with prices to rival the Book Sale's, and (we think) a finer selection. From Abba to Zappa, as they say, with not so much Boots Randolph to wade through.

We have reggae records (including Bob Marley, and Burning Spear), African (Sounds of Soweto, Miriam Makeba, Malathini, et al.), blues (Muddy Waters, Bill Broonzy, Little Brother Montgomery), bluegrass, folk, jazz, and various world.

We also have 1,000 records of good quality priced at $1 each.

Almost forgot: new & used CDs, too. Hundreds of CDs at $5 and less. New releases include the brand new Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Randy Newman, Emmylou Harris, Charlie Haden, and the Evil City String Band (stand-alone CD, as well as CD/cookbook combo).

Mention this promo and we will take 10% off all your purchases.

Small World Music is at 614 W. State St, across State St. from Kinko's, down the driveway. We're open 11-6 Tuesday through Saturday. We might keep some hours this Sunday, too, for Sale-goers. Phone us at 256-0428.

Steve Burke
for Small World Music and Ithaca Blog

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