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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fighting Cancer

The news about Senator Edward Kennedy's brain cancer is poignant for any of us whose families have been affected by cancer, which is probably most of us today.

Senator Kennedy is described by friends as, above all, a fighter. That is a good thing to be in life. Not belligerent or violent, but a fighter for the things one believes in and loves.

We generally know abstractly that life is to be loved and fought for. Sometimes we really know it.

Hamilton Jordan, of the Carter adminstration, died this week after years of fighting cancer. He wrote a book called "No Such Thing As A Bad Day."

If you have questions about cancer, there is a great organization in Ithaca: the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes (formerly the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance). Their services are expert, and free. Call them at 277-0960, see their website at, or visit at 612 W. State St.

If you would like to support the Cancer Resource Center while finding out more about their work, their 15th Annual Celebration and Luncheon is Friday, 23 May, from noon til 2:00. Registration is $20.

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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