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Friday, April 25, 2008

Earth Day Quiz Question & Prize

Ithaca Blog got a lot of publicity this week, with a radio segment on WHCU and a presentation for the Chamber of Commerce, and got a lot of hits as a result, and some comments from long-time readers about the disappearance of the weekly quiz question.

We're not sure if we'll bring it back regularly or permanently, but we'll give it an appearance this week. The question is about New York geography, in honor of Earth Day.

It's not easy, but no one said Earth was easy. Plus, our policy is to have one winner from among the correct answers, and one from the incorrect, so go ahead and take a shot.

The question: Name three bodies of water into which New York lakes and rivers empty, and one instance of each. For example, the Hudson River empties into the Atlantic. Okay, now come up with two others.

The randomly-selected winners each receive a $10 gift certificate to Small World Music. Post your answer here on Ithaca Blog, or e-mail it to Small World at

Steve Burke
for IB and SWM

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