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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Tip for the Unattached

Here's our once-a-year foray into the realm of lonelyheart's blogging.

Valentine's Day: worst day of the year for the unattached. Right?

Wrong. Day of biggest opportunity.

Here's the simple gimmick: on Feb. 14, wear black. Black slacks, black pullover, black jacket.

At work, at the bar after work, at any place conducive to conversation, you are now wearing a calling card that announces your situation, and your intention to improve it.

You say good morning to the office superstar, or good evening to the most fascinating-looking person in the bar, and mention that they are not wearing black on Valentine's Day, which means they must be attached. Black on Valentine's Day, you explain, is the uniform of the bereft. Say "of the losers" if you think self-effacement will help. You congratulate them on their status and wish them luck.

The rest of the script is up to you.

If you want to invite us to the wedding, great.

Be good & have fun -
Dr. Love
for Ithaca Blog

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