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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quick and Easy Wine Trip: Intro

We have people visiting this summer, numerously, and they will all want to see the wineries, if not actually for the wine (tasting; buying), then for the nice ride, and because you're supposed to do that when you're here.

But, like New Yorkers who never go to the Statue of Liberty, we are less than fully acquainted with this landmark feature of our region. So we went out this weekend to do a little research.

We want them to see nice ones, but we don't want them going too far, with only a limited time here. We had an inquiry from one prospective guest about Konstantin Frank's winery, for example, and we know Dr. Frank was a big player and makes great stuff, but it is all the way in Hammondsport, and that's a little too much scenery. A quick weekend visit to Ithaca from NYC will already have lots of driving, so we want to minimize that.

We also don't want our people getting too bombed out, or simply too tired. We figure 5 or 6 places is enough to get a sense of the region, and what's offered, without overdoing it.

That was our game plan. We went out seeking success, and think we did pretty well. Details to follow in next installment.

Steve Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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