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Friday, December 01, 2006

Conte$t: Personality Quiz

This week's contest, sponsored by Small World Music, isn't a quiz question. It's a nosey question, in the interest of personality psychology.

All you have to do is answer to be eligible for the weekly prize of a $10 gift certificate to SWM, Ithaca's community music store, down the Driveway of Winning at 614 W. State Street.

Here's the (2-part) question:

When faced with two tasks, of similar importance and requiring similar effort, which will you do first, the one you don't like so much, or the one you don't mind as much? Why?

Answer in 3,000 words or less for the prize. The winner will be randomly selected. It doesn't matter what your answer is, but you will be disqualified if you correct us by saying that the proper expression is 3,000 words or fewer. We know that, but it is less euphonious.

Send your answer directly to Small World Music at

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