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Friday, November 03, 2006

Weekend Conte$t: On the Road

We're looking forward to the performances in Ithaca this weekend of folk music's John Gorka, and country music's Kathy Mattea, and thinking about that troubador life style - you know, the bus, the endless road, here today & gone today - all that.

So the trivia contest from Small World Music is about the U.S. map.

There are two states that share the record for bordering the fewest other states. But they are too easy to name. They don't border ANY other states. You know? They are far away. They are uncontinental. They are new. (They are Alaska and Hawaii.)

We're looking for the only state, of all the states, that borders only ONE other state.

Name it and win our weekly prize of a $10 gift certificate to your garage of winning, Small World Music, stalwart of Ithaca's wild west end, 400 feet from Gimme Coffee, which I just visited for a Midnight Rider, which is why I'm going on like this, I am revivified by an excellent coffee beverage.

Send your entry directly to Small World Music at

Thanks and good luck !

Stephen Burke
for Ithaca Blog

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